Outreach Materials

Chatham Rare Species Pocket Guide

CCP Rare Species Pocket Guide.PDF

Thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill student Melissa Auton for creating a laminated color pocket guide to some of the rare species found in Chatham County. Funding for printing and laminating the pocket guide was provided by an Endangered Species Day Grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Disturbance or removal of rare species is illegal. Please do not trespass on private property. Information on Wildlife regulations is available in the free publication, North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest available online from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission at NCWildlife.org . More information about the rare species in this pocket guide, and additional rare species found in Chatham County, is available in the Comprehensive Conservation Plan by the Chatham Conservation Partnership. The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program tracks occurrences of rare species. To submit your observations of rare plants and animals to the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, go to their web site and complete the Rare Plant Survey Form or the Rare Animal Survey Form available at this link NCNHP.org Submitting photographs along with the forms is helpful in assisting with identification.

Cape Fear Shiner Video

A 10-minute environmental education video about the Cape Fear shiner, produced by UNC-Chapel Hill students Melissa Auton and Briana Steele in the spring of 2011. View on YouTube here: Cape Fear Shiner Video

Chatham Conservation Partnership Outreach Materials

CCP factsheet 2012-02-02.pdf

CCP Fact Sheet

Thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill student Taylor Crabtree for creating a brochure and poster display about the Chatham Conservation Partnership and a fact sheet about Chatham County.

Conservation Plan Brochure.pdf

Comprehensive Conservation Plan Brochure

Thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill student Briana Steele for creating a brochure and poster display about the Comprehensive Conservation Plan:

Environmental Education Resources

CCP Environmental Education Resource List December 2011.pdf

Check out this list of environmental education resources such as classroom speakers, field trips, training workshops, and other resource materials. The list includes contact information and links to web sites.

CCP Event Photos

Thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill student Melissa Auton for setting up our Chatham Conservation Partnership event photos on Flickr: CCP Event Photos

More CCP Photos

Let's Talk Trash Event Photos and Video

See videos and photos of the 2011 Let's Talk Trash event: